• Looking at the nation’s ethnicity stretching back 500 years, the study into our history covered 26 different global regions, with most of us found to have not only British DNA, but Irish, French, German, and – in the case of Welsh people – strong ties to the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Published in 2018, the results reveal some interesting facts about our heritage, with the average UK resident being just under 37 percent British, 21.59 percent Irish, and 19.91 percent Western European (aka having French or German ancestry).
  • While these statistics apply to all Brits, the research indicated that there were some interesting variations between the genetic makeup of English, Scots, Welsh, and Northern Irish populations, with English residents, for example, having the highest percentage of Scandinavian and Western European ancestry, and Scots tending to have Finnish and Northwest Russian heritage.
  • Interestingly, in the case of Welsh people, many had a strong genetic link to the Iberian Peninsula.

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