• By applying pressure using a Gua Sha tool and pushing in a scraping motion, the cold is sent on its merry way, allowing the body to relax again and the ” chi” (or vital energy, as the Chinese define it) to flow.
  • Using one for facial massage is far more hygienic than using your hands, and you can get more extreme hot and cold temperatures using a tool as well.
  • While puffy skin reacts best to a cold roller or facial massager, a warmed one would feel wonderful on a cold winter day as well.
  • I particularly like this rose quartz roller because it has two heads, one for larger areas like cheeks and neck and a smaller one to get delicate areas like beneath the nostrils, the temples, and the chin area.
  • As you can see from the photo, this zinc alloy roller looks a bit different than the others on this list.

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