• The CEO of The Body Shop India talks about the Indian personal care market, sustainable packaging, and her desire to grow a wood-rose shrub
  • The gardening hobby gels well with some of Malhotra’s life philosophies, including those of the company she works for The Body Shop, the skincare, make-up and fragrance brand, was one of the first to take a stand on animal testing in the cosmetics industry.
  • The Body Shop attracted a lot of brickbats when it was sold to cosmetics giant L’Oreal in 2006 because animal rights groups opposed the French company’s testing methods.
  • For instance, one of our top selling ranges, Tea Tree Oil, which is sold every 2 seconds globally, is produced by a small cooperative of 500 farmers in Kenya supplying to the world,” says Malhotra.
  • Last year, the company also did its first television commercial, a first for the company globally, with Kapoor.

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